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Global Networking

Global Networking for More Success Globally

Corporations that seek durable growths do not limit their business relationships to local partners. Global networking is key in today’s globalized world. To build up contacts to international business partners, maintain and expand – that is one of the pillars for long-term success. With the expertise of ER GBS, you have the chance to optimize your global networking strategy and to remain in the international market…

Management Consulting

In the area of Management Consulting, we touch many subjects. Strategy, production, leadership, marketing and internationalization – ER GBS guides you in all these fields. Together we develop a competitiveness and growth strategy, revise business models, take care of the optimization of processes and look for new solutions for an effective cost reduction.


Consulting & Guidance: Professional Advice for More Success Long-term corporate success is based on many aspects. Marketing strategy, product launches or reduction in cost – many criteria determine whether a corporation is and can stay competitive. The team of Ernst Raue offers you a complete package of Consulting & Guidance. We support you with the […]


Startups have evolved into an employment driver in Germany. The average number of employees at Startups right now is 17. Front-runner in Germany are Startups from Hamburg and Berlin: they have an average of 24 (Hamburg) and 23 (Berlin) employees, compared to only 11 employees in the Rhein-Ruhr region and Munich.

Industrie 4.0

While in the private sector the introduction of Web 2.0 led to a global connectivity among individuals and the integration of the real and virtual world, we experience a similar movement in the industrial sector, known as Industry 4.0.