Startups have evolved into an employment driver in Germany. The average number of employees at Startups right now is 17. Front-runner in Germany are Startups from Hamburg and Berlin: they have an average of 24 (Hamburg) and 23 (Berlin) employees, compared to only 11 employees in the Rhein-Ruhr region and Munich.

More than 80 % of Startups are planning to recruit an average of ten new employees within the next twelve months. The shortage of skilled workers also hits Startups. Close to 80 % describe the search of software professionals as time consuming.

At Startups that have been successfully established in the market, this employment effect is shown even stronger. Those Startups in the later stage employ an average of 181 employees.

“Today, Startups demonstrate, even though they are still at the beginning of their development, an impressive potential for new and mainly highly qualified jobs” says Florian Nöll, Chairman of the Startup-Association. “One does not need much imagination to see that our Startups are the new SMEs of tomorrow.”

The data of the Startup-Association were obtained from the German Startup Monitor, a survey of 903 Startup founders. The full study can be downloaded at: Deutscher Startupmonitor

Based on recent projections of the Startup-Association, Germany has 6.000 Startups.

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.