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"Business goes global and digital."

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Business goes global and digital.

The success of German companies is greatly based on international business. Growing globalization has supported this trend as well. The next big thing is the digitalization of business. Catchphrases like IOT (Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) promise strong growth opportunities. ER GBS understands the analog and digital world alike and brings both together, evolving new business models and services.

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Supervisory Board

Nowadays, supervisory boards do face big challenges. They professionalize by new rules and regulations. ER GBS takes over responsibility in supervisory boards.

Advisory Board

ER GBS is a member of several advisory boards. Laying out the strategy and offering guidance and assistance to success is our priority.


Long-term corporate success is based on many aspects.  Marketing strategy, product launches or reduction in cost – many criteria determine whether a corporation is and can stay competitive.


ER GBS invests in companies and takes over responsibility.

Business Angel

It is difficult for young companies and startups to find suitable partners and the right path to success. ER GBS acts and helps out of conviction. It is our pleasure to build companies and to lead them to corporate success.

Global Networking

Corporations that seek durable growths do not limit their business relationships to local partners. Global networking is the key in today’s globalized world.


Within an increasingly specialized economy, partnerships provide an enormous advantage. ER GBS functions not only in national and international partnerships, but also yields a part of the value added.


“Ernst Raue is an Associate Partner at Homburg & Partner. Together with the executive board, he is responsible for the international development of the company. His extensive experience in business management and global network in the fields of industry, organizations, media and politics are a great asset for Homburg & Partner.”

Homburg & Partner

“The company stands with its reputation for far more experience, than the premises of Hannover can absorb. To witness the owner of the company interact with global contacts always stands out because of its high quality. Articulation and implementation of projects.”



Frank Oßenbrink

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